Hot Wheels Basic Car Assort G の注目すべき車種

新品ミニカー1/64 Hot Wheels Basic Cars Gアソート [C4982-961G]

145     Head Starter     red     sp5gd     Tooned
146     ’32 Ford     red     sp5     HW Flames
147     Flash Drive     black     rz6gy     Legends of Speed
148     Winning Formula     yellow     pr5wh     Legends of Speed
149     Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 – Milano     silver           HW Screen Time
150     Sky Dome     red     rz6     Experimotors
151     Turbot     yellow     pr5bk/rd-rim     Experimotors
152     Lamborghini Countach     red     pr5     Tooned
153     Porsche 934.5     white     lwgy     Factory Fresh

154     BMW M4     mf lt. blue     j5     Factory Fresh

155     16 Camaro SS     mf silver     mc5bk/rd-rim     Camaro 50

156     Volkswagen Käfer Racer     black     sp5yw     HW Speed Graphics

157     Rigor Motor     satin red     silver pr6bk     Fright Cars
158     67 Chevy C-10     mf purple     sp5     HW Hot Trucks

159     Chevy Silverado     black     os5bu     HW Hot Trucks

160     68 Dodge Dart     mf purple     pr5bk/ch-rim     HW Flames

161     Monster Dairy Delivery     mf blue     silver or6rb     HW Art Cars
162     Aero Pod     clear red     BlOr/rd-rim     HW Rescue
163     Boom Car     green     sp5wh     HW Ride-Ons
164     Dragon Blaster     pearl lt. blue     sp5gd     Street Beasts
165     Lamborghini Veneno     lt green     pr5bk/wh-rim     HW Speed Graphics

TH     HW Pursuit     black     pr5bk/rd-rim     HW Rescue
STH     67 Chevy C10     Spectraflame purple     rr5sp     HW Hot Trucks

新品ミニカー1/64 Hot Wheels Basic Cars Gアソート [C4982-961G]